Strategic management society: Strategies that move the world

Track J: Strategy Practice
Track Chair: Stephanie Dameron, University of Paris-Dauphine
September 17–20, 2016
Berlin, Germany

The Strategy Practice IG explores the doing of strategy and its link with the broader institutional and societal environment strategy practitioners operate in. The increasing demand for “Strategies That Move the World” may renew our understanding of strategy works. How far are strategy practitioners taking into account this demand? This question relates to a large range of issues, such as the way different types of stakeholders may be part of and influence strategy work, how strategy practitioners perceive or change the organization’s purpose and shape their environment, or the institutional side of strategy work. The Strategy Practice IG welcomes empirical and conceptual papers as well as contributions from practitioners who engage with the implications of such social and environmental needs and demands on strategy practice. We also welcome papers that critically examine the applicability of strategizing practices across different contexts and heterogeneous organizational and institutional domains.

Further Details can be found here:
Deadline for submissions is February 25th 2016


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