Call for Nominations: PTC Practice Impact Awards and D&ITC/PTC Diversity and Inclusion Best Practice Award

AOM2016-logoThe Practice Theme Committee (PTC) and the Diversity & Inclusion Theme Committee (D&ITC) of the Academy of Management have recently announced the call for three awards which will be awarded at the next Academy of Management annual meeting in Anaheim in August 2016: The AOM PTC Practice Impact Award, the PTC Research Center Impact Award, and the D&ITC / PTC Diversity and Inclusion Best Practice Award:

  • The AOM PTC Practice Impact Award is a prestigious and highly valued award that seeks to recognize and celebrate an outstanding scholar for her or his contribution to research and theory in practice based studies and overall impact on managerial and organizational practices.
  • The PTC Research Center Impact Award aims to recognize the contribution that research centers make to the practice of management in the public, private, and/or third sectors. Research Centers must specifically demonstrate how knowledge gained through the research and programs conducted by the centers have made an impact to management practice. The PTC Research Centre Impact Award is designed to promote the AOM’s strategic intent of professional impact. The awards seeks to recognize and celebrate an outstanding research project or programme of research conducted either independently or in collaboration with industry that has had a major and demonstrable impact on management practice or has made a significant difference to the recipients of the research (be it in private, government, non-government and third sectors).
  • The D&ITC / PTC Diversity and Inclusion Best Practice Award aims to recognize exemplary diversity and inclusion best practices that have achieved, or are currently achieving, notable impact on diversity and inclusion in practice, teaching, or research. Nominees must specifically demonstrate how the practices, programs, teaching, or research conducted by the division, interest group, or committee have made notable impacts on advancing diversity and inclusion. Collaborative practices between or among groups that foster diversity and inclusion can illustrate best practices effectively; however, groups may not apply jointly. Rather, a single group, ideally the group that leads and assumes most duties and efforts should be the one nominated on behalf of the joint efforts.

For more details on the Awards see the full announcment of the two committees.


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