Showcase Symposium on The Practice Turn in Management Studies: Watch Now

The practice turn in the broader social sciences has also reached management research. A symposium at AOM 2018 in Chicago staked out the state of practice-based management research and ways forward. The speakers were William Gartner, Natalia Levina, Joseph Raelin, Richard Whittington, and Davide Nicolini. Watch the showcase symposium here:


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Final Call: SAP-R Workshop in London

bildschirmfoto 2019-01-23 um 19.37.02The SAP Community is renowned for its open and collaborative character, constantly helping each other out and sharing ideas. One of the formats that institutionalizes this idea is the SAP-R Workshop series. These workshops are designed to provide feedback on SAP-focused work, from R&Rs to earlier work, to build on and extend the extant body of SAP knowledge. For this, distinguished scholars from the SAP field interact with participants in a smaller, workshop-like environment.

The next SAP-R Workshop will take place on April 3, 2019, 12–5 pm, at Warwick in London. If you’re interested in participating, you may register until February 28. Read more here about the concept, place, and registration procedure. In addition, you find the preliminary agenda here.

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Showcase Symposium on Theorizing Processes in Management Research: Watch Now

In recent years, process research has gained a more prominent position in management research. However, despite this prominence, management scholars still face considerable ambiguity concerning what is a process and how it can be theorized.

A showcase symposium, held at AOM 2018 in Chicago, IL, aimed to shed light on these questions. This symposium brought together renowned process scholars–Raghu Garud, Paula Jarzabkowski, Ann Langley, Hari Tsoukas, and Andy Van de Ven–and fostered a dialogue among them and the audience to stake out ways forward in theorizing processes in management research. Watch the video here:

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Workshop on “SAP Meets Entrepreneurship as Practice”: Watch Now

In the meanwhile, practice-based work can be found in various fields of management research. Two such fields have become more prominent in recent years: Strategy as Practice and Entrepreneurship as Practice.

At AOM 2018 in Chicago, members of these fields jointly held a PDW to stake out opportunities for dialogue and intersections. Watch the video here:

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Call for Registration: Helsinki Workshop on Routines and Practices


A workshop organized by Kathrin Sele, Waldemar Kremser, Laura Mitzscherling and Lauri Paavola

We are excited to announce the Helsinki Workshop on Routines and Practices at Aalto University School of Business in Helsinki, FI on May 22-24, 2019. The workshop is part of the Routines.Research.Community and is generously sponsored by the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies and Aalto University.

Leading up to the 20th anniversary of routine dynamics research, the purpose of this workshop is to bring together PhD students and early career academics with senior scholars to discuss current and future topics in research on organizational routines and social practices. Grounded in a practice perspective and with a methodological focus on action patterns this growing body of research has important implications for our understanding of fundamental concepts of organization and management studies, such as change, strategy, interdependence, or temporality. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to discuss and further develop new ideas in an open and collaborative setting. Further, the workshop will focus on methodological challenges and provides ground for creating a network for exchange and collaboration.

We have an exciting program and are delighted that several top scholars (Martha Feldman, Brian Pentland, Kristina Lauche, Davide Nicolini, Jörg Sydöw, and Eero Vaara) will join us. The workshop will feature an entire day dedicated to novel ideas and projects, complemented with a day focusing on methods to study routines and practices from several perspectives.

To ensure the best experience, the number of participants is restricted to 40. Workshop participation is free. PhD and early career participants can apply for funding (max. 300 Euro/person) of their travel and accommodation costs. Scholars interested in participating are invited to apply through e-mail by March 15, 2019 (, briefly outlining their interest and how their research relates to the workshop focus. Please indicate in your application whether you need funding to participate. Acceptance decisions for the workshop will be announced end of March.

We look forward to seeing you all at Aalto University.

Kathrin Sele, Waldemar Kremser, Laura Mitzscherling and Lauri Paavola

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Ted Schatzki’s Distinguished Keynote: Watch Now

Ted Schatzki’s work has inspired many scholars in the SAP Community. At AOM 2018 in Chicago, IL, he inspired the community once again: in his distinguished keynote. Watch the keynote here:

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SAP IG Executive Team: Call for Nominations

SAP-new-logo2The SAP Interest Group is seeking nominations of suitable candidates for various leadership positions in preparation of the upcoming elections. Specifically, members of the interest group will elect candidates for the following roles:

  • PDW Chair (joining the SAP Executive Committee on a five-year leadership cycle)
  • Representative-at-Large (1-year term)
  • Treasurer (3-year term)

If you think that someone, or even you, would be a suitable candidate for any of these leadership positions in light of this person’s leadership skills and collegial spirit, please nominate this person for election here.

The nomination process will be closed on March 1.

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