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Letter from Paul Spee, Chair of the Strategizing, Activities & Practices Interest Group  at the Academy of Management

The membership survey has now opened for Strategizing, Activities & Practices, and will run until 16 November. The link to the survey was emailed to you directly from AoM (please check your inbox or junk mail).

I encourage you to participate in the survey, especially your response to Question 21 important as it will help determine the future of SAP at AoM. Your feedback in all other responses is equally important as it provides the basis to develop and adapt member services. We feel strongly that the scholarly success and the vibrant community of SAP scholars provide a complement to the AoM and offer a strong case to establish SAP as a Division within the Academy of Management. Gaining Division status is important as it offers: Continue reading

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New Videos: SAP Distinguished Keynote Speaker Denny Gioia

Every year, the SAP Interest Group acknowledges the contributions of a distinguished scholar whose work has had a major influence on the field of research on strategizing, activities, and practices. This year, Denny Gioia was invited as Distinguished Keynote Speaker at the AOM conference in Atlanta, GA. His keynote speech was discussed by Ann Langley. Watch his keynote speech on “Studying Strategy as Practice” below.


Here, you can also watch Ann Langley’s discussion of Denny Gioia’s keynote speech.


On our Youtube channel, you can watch previous keynote speeches by distinguished scholars and many other videos.

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Tenure-Track Positions at HEC Montreal in Strategy and Management

HEC Montreal is recruiting two tenure-track professors (assistant, associate, or full), one in strategy and one in general management. Both positions are located in HEC’s renowned Department of Management. The deadline for submitting applications is September 30, 2017.

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SAP Doctoral & Early Career Program @ AOM 2017: Madeleine Rauch’s Three Key Take-Aways

Bild Madeleine RauchThe AOM in Atlanta remains in the minds and memories of many scholars. The conference was packed with numerous inspirational sessions, workshops, and discussions. In the following, Madeleine Rauch shares her three key take-aways as a participant of the SAP Doctoral & Early Career Program.

With much anticipation, I looked forward to the SAP Doctoral & Early Career Program, even more so after “dissecting” on the plane to Atlanta Scudders, 1997. Science and its ways of knowing by J. Hatton – our assigned reading for the 1st PDW on Coding in the Trenches with Karen Golden-Biddle. Overall, the SAP Doctoral & Early Career Program consisted of various activities, which balanced SAP content sessions with career advice, lively discussions and informal conversations. With a very early start at 7.30am with kickoff breakfast, three different PDWs with selected PDWs, informal mentoring session, Q&A with the program patron, Julia Balogun followed by dinner.

The first PDW on Coding in the trenches: Qualitative Analysis Boot Camp with Karen Golden-Biddle was a great start of the SAP Doctoral & Early Career Program focusing on how to coding for discovery. Through various activities, we practiced “live coding”. As a key take-away: Using provisional fixity to provoke “unfixity”. Provisional fixity refers to making a link expressing a relation between an idea and data, with the understanding that it is firm “for now” as this fixity opens up possibilities for unfixity. Time just flew by and I would have wished to continue to “dissect” coding for the rest of the day!

The second PDW on Visualizing Strategy: How Seeing Influences Saying & Doing (w. presentations by Eric Knight, Sotirios Paroutis, Curtis Lebaron and Loizos Heracleous) focused on the growing interest in topics such as material artefacts & tools; semiotics & discourse; body language & emotions. One key take-away from this PDW is based on the three Assertions inspired by the age of enlightenment presented by Curtis Le Baron. My key take-away from this PDW as Curtis LeBaron puts it: “Ideas do not exist until we represent them”.

The last PDW of the day focused on Advice for Managing International Academic Careers with Laure Cabantous, Karola Wolf, Saku Mantere, David Oliver, Katharina Dittrich, Kathrin Sele, Rebecca Bednarek, Virpi Sorsa, and Sotirios Paroutis with very hands-on discussions and advice for navigating the waters of global academia. From many great advice and possibilities, I would like to focus on two points from the tables of Manage global careers without relocation and Working in a Second Language:

  • Manage global careers without relocation: Bring the international career to you! For example: Invite international scholars to your home institutions; Organize small workshops and conferences at your home institutions; and be active in the international community!
  • Working in a Second Language: Embrace the chances you have (and not the downsides!) of knowing more than “just” English!

My personal highlight of the SAP Doctoral & Early Scholars Program was the mentoring meeting. Having exchanged several emails with my mentor before the Academy asking me for my expectations, my mentor provided very in-depth feedback on a working paper I have sent him. A very special thanks to Gary Burke!

Followed by an excellent dinner with other SAP members. More rich discussions and chance to meet old friends and new faces. This was a wonderful way to cap off a great day. The SAP Doctoral & Early Career Program was most definitely a positive formative experience. Once again, many thanks to the organizer (Christina and Krista, and Julia as the Patron). It was a perfect start of this year’s AoM!

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SAP Workshop @ Cass, 9 Oct: Deadline Extended!

Scholars looking for feedback on papers that examine the practice of strategy-making can still register for an exciting workshop on October 9, 2017 (11 a.m.–5.30 p.m.), at Cass Business School that is organized Konstantinos Chalkias, Paula Jarzabkowski, David Seidl, and Violetta Splitter. Deadline for registration: September 8. Scholars may attend the workshop as guest, seek feedback on how to work through their R&R, or receive developmental feedback on papers that are close to submission.

The program includes:

  • A keynote by Moshe Farjoun on pragmatist approaches to Strategy as Practice
  • R&R presentations and discussions
  • Discussions facilitating developmental feedback on working papers
  • A panel discussion by Paula Jarzabkowski and David Seidl
  • Informal dinner and drinks

Participation, lunch, and refreshments are free. Only few open spaces are left, so register soon!


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Reflections on AOM: Mariya Eranova’s Three Key Take-Aways of the PDW “Publishing SAP Research in Top Journals”

A few weeks have passed since the sessions and workshops at AOM in Atlanta inspired thousands of management scholars all over the world. Yet, naturally, it is impossible for all management scholars to attend the conference, nor is it possible for attendees to remember all key learnings of the numerous sessions and workshops. Therefore, we asked participants of SAP-sponsored PDWs to share their three key take-aways.

Mariya Eranova participated in the PDW “Publishing Strategy-as-Practice Research in Top Journals”, a workshop organized by Shenghui Ma and Paul Spee that attracted a tremendous number of participants and evoked stimulating discussions among editors and authors (see photos below). Mariya is Lecturer in Strategic Management at the University of Greenwich. Given her research interest in Strategy as Practice, her participation in the PDW was greatly appreciated. In the following, Mariya summarizes her experiences as participant of this workshop and shares her three key take-aways.



Continue reading

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The SAP Interest Group Won the AOM Diversity and Inclusion Award!

IMG_5038Openness can be more than a label: it can be lived experience. Congratulations to the SAP Interest Group for winning the AOM Diversity and Inclusion Award!

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