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Easter Greetings: The SAP Spring Newsletter is Out

Just in time for the Easter season, the SAP fall newsletter is out (download PDF). The publishing team has gathered an informative compendium of SAP-related topics, including: SAP@AOM in Atlanta: An overview Stats on the submission process PDWs Doctoral and … Continue reading

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Strategy-as-Practice meets Neo-Institutional Theory: David Seidl interviews Royston Greenwood

Emmanuelle Reuter and Florian Ueberbacher (University of St. Gallen) There have been recent calls for better linking Strategy-as-Practice (SAP) research with macro-level phenomena such as the institutional and cultural context within which strategists and organizations operate (c.f. Seidl, 2007; Seidl … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes: Insights from four SAP scholars on constructing contribution in SAP research

Katharina Dittrich (University of Zurich) One of the major challenges in writing manuscripts is how to craft the argument and persuade the intended audience that the present study is making a contribution to the field (Locke & Golden-Biddle, 1997). In … Continue reading

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SAP Reflections & Projections

Christina Cataldo, Jonathan Raelin and Uta Morgenstern (all University of Bath) At the 2012 Academy of Management, we facilitated a PDW titled, “Reflections & Projections: An Interactive PDW Developing the Future of Strategy-as-Practice (SAP)”. This session featured keynote speakers and … Continue reading

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Sociomateriality: Does it Matter?

Curtis LeBaron (Bringham Young University) Practice theory and research, which highlights what people do and how, has consistently emphasized the social aspects and material features of organizational activity. For this reason, our scholarly community (SAP) is well positioned to participate … Continue reading

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Is it ‘strategic’?

Paula Jarzabkowski (Cornell University/University of Aston) In discussion at SAP conferences and workshops, the question often arises; ‘is this strategy?’ This is particularly the case when papers deal with actors outside the C-suite and phenomena outside strategic planning, strategic decision-making … Continue reading

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