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Emerging Scholars Round-Up

This post showcases the latest ideas from SAP doctoral students just finishing their PhDs. Watch out for these students in the coming conference season! Meetings and Routines in the Strategy Process: Katharina Dittrich is a doctoral student at the Chair of … Continue reading

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Congratulations – and thank you!

The SAP IG attracted 87 paper submissions and 12 symposium submissions for the 2012 Academy, all requiring reviewing. The SAP community prides itself on the constructive nature of its reviews – it’s good for authors and great for the IG … Continue reading

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Capturing social practice in practice: Video recording, new avenues for studies of practice and the practice of ethnography

Gary Burke (Aston University) There is a growing interest in studying how bodies, spatial contexts and material artifacts are implicated in the accomplishment of strategy work (Vaara & Whittington, Academy of Management Annals, 2012). Video methodologies, in particular, offer promise … Continue reading

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SAP Reflections & Projections

Christina Cataldo, Jonathan Raelin and Uta Morgenstern (all University of Bath) At the 2012 Academy of Management, we facilitated a PDW titled, “Reflections & Projections: An Interactive PDW Developing the Future of Strategy-as-Practice (SAP)”. This session featured keynote speakers and … Continue reading

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Sociomateriality: Does it Matter?

Curtis LeBaron (Bringham Young University) Practice theory and research, which highlights what people do and how, has consistently emphasized the social aspects and material features of organizational activity. For this reason, our scholarly community (SAP) is well positioned to participate … Continue reading

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Book Note: Practicing Strategy

Sotirios Paroutis, Loizos Heracleous, Duncan Angwin After many helpful debates with many SAP friends over the past few years, we realized the need for a textbook dedicated to strategy-as-practice ideas. Such a textbook was something our students have also been … Continue reading

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What Next for the SAP IG?

Ann Smith (University of Tennessee) As we head into the third year of our Interest Group and the group member survey is getting underway this fall, perhaps now is a good time to ponder the future of our Interest Group. … Continue reading

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