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Workshop on Multi-level Theorizing of Institutions and Organizations at UQ Business School, 5-6 November, 2018

Scholars interested in institutional theory and/or multi-level studies organization research may be inclined to participate in a workshop on “ReinvigoratingĀ Multi-level Theorizing of Institutions and Organizations”, which is convened by Paul Spee and April Wright. This two-day workshop will take place … Continue reading

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Strategy-as-Practice meets Neo-Institutional Theory: David Seidl interviews Royston Greenwood

Emmanuelle Reuter and Florian Ueberbacher (University of St. Gallen) There have been recent calls for better linking Strategy-as-Practice (SAP) research with macro-level phenomena such as the institutional and cultural context within which strategists and organizations operate (c.f. Seidl, 2007; Seidl … Continue reading

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