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Interested in Paradoxes? Visit leveragingtensions.com

The idea that strategizing and organizing involves paradoxical tensions and contradictions has become a major theme in organization and management research. The burgeoning work on paradoxes has actively engaged in dialogues with the SAP Community. Likewise, many SAP scholars have … Continue reading

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International Careers, Publishing, and Routine Dynamics: Some SAP PDWs @AOM

As every year, members of the SAP Interest Group will offer interesting PDWs at the AOM in Atlanta. Some of these PDWs include: “Advice for Managing International Careers”, organized by Rebecca Bednarek, Katharina Dittrich, and Carola Wolf “Publishing Strategy-as-Practice Research … Continue reading

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Is Strategy-as-Practice Research Practically Relevant?

David Seidl and Violetta Splitter While the strategy-as-practice approach was initially developed as a reaction to the lack of practical relevance of most strategy research to date (see the editorial of the JMS Special Issue in 2003), we find only … Continue reading

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What SAP Does – Differently

Stephen Cummings (Victoria University Wellington) and Emmanuel Monod (Paris Dauphine University) Vaara and Whittington’s 2012 Academy of Management Annals review paper of SAP research articles signifies a ‘coming of age’ that affords a new opportunity. As SAP has taken form, … Continue reading

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Hello World!

This is the new home for news around the Academy of Management interest group Strategizing Activities and Practices.

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