International Careers, Publishing, and Routine Dynamics: Some SAP PDWs @AOM

As every year, members of the SAP Interest Group will offer interesting PDWs at the AOM in Atlanta. Some of these PDWs include:

  • “Advice for Managing International Careers”, organized by Rebecca Bednarek, Katharina Dittrich, and Carola Wolf
  • “Publishing Strategy-as-Practice Research in Top Journals”, organized by Paul Spee and Shenghui Ma
  • “Strategy-as-Practice Meets Routine Dynamics”, organized by Katharina Dittrich and Vern Glaser

This post provides a short overview of these PDWs. You can register for these and other PDWs here.

Advice for Managing International Careers

When and where

  • Time: Friday, Aug 4 2017 2:00PM – 4:00PM
  • Room: Piedmont, Hyatt Regency Atlanta


  • Laure CabantousCass Business School, City, U. of London 
  • Saku Mantere, McGill U. 
  • David Oliver, The U. of Sydney 
  • Krista Pettit, U. of Liverpool 
  • Kathrin Sele, Aalto U. School of Business 
  • Virpi Sorsa, Hanken School of Economics 
  • Loizos Heracleous, U. of Warwick 


  • Rebecca Bednarek, Birkbeck, U. of London
  • Katharina Dittrich, U. of Zurich
  • Carola Wolf, Aston University


This Professional Development Workshop (PDW) is tailored to scholars (including PhD students and early career scholars) pursuing careers worldwide. It focuses on a particular aspect of academic careers, that is the increasing internationalization of academia. The PDW will address a wide range of issues that early-career scholars face when seeking to establish their academic careers in an international setting, such as moving countries in different stages of a career, including moving families; teaching and research in a foreign language; organizing international collaborations and the differences between national academic settings .

The first part of the PDW will be designed as a facilitated panel discussion to provide a platform to discuss particular challenges of international careers. In Part 2 of the PDW, participants will attend pre-selected roundtables; these roundtables will provide an opportunity to delve more deeply into specific questions. For this part, each roundtable will be hosted by one of the panelist joined by a further scholar with particular experience in the subject topic of the roundtable. Participants will have the option to participate in two roundtables from the following subject areas:

  1. Families, dual careers and global careers;
  2. Geographical and institutional differences and divides in academia;
  3. Organizing international collaborations;
  4. Working in a second language: tips and tricks; and
  5. Building an international career when you cannot or do not want to relocate.

We will end the workshop collecting and sharing key insights from participants gathered throughout the panel and roundtable discussions.

As this PDW has limited space, scholars interested in participating in the PDW are kindly requested to send an email to Rebecca Bednarek ( with the choice of their three preferred roundtables. Acceptance of attendance is first-come, first serve.Pre-registration is required for this session. Please contact the workshop organizer at to obtain the approval code. To register online, please visit The deadline to register online is July 21, 2017.

Publishing Strategy-as-Practice Research in Top Journals

When and where

  • Time: Saturday, Aug 5 2017 4:15PM – 6:45PM
  • Room: Courtland, Hyatt Regency Atlanta

Panelists – Editors

  • Michel Anteby, Boston U. (Organization Science)
  • Paul Spee, U. of Queensland (Organization Studies)
  • Gianmario Verona, Bocconi U. (Strategic Organization)
  • Richard Whittington, U. of Oxford (Strategic Management Journal)
  • Michael Zundel, U. of Liverpool (Organization Studies)

Panelists – Authors

  • Rebecca Bednarek, Birkbeck, U. of London
  • Sotirios Paroutis, U. of Warwick


  • Paul Spee, U. of Queensland
  • Shenghui Ma, U. of Zurich


The workshop is designed to offer strategy-as-practice scholars insights into publishing their work in different top tier journals. (Co-)editors of the Organisation Science, Organization Studies, Strategic Management Journal, and Strategic Organization will each present an exemplary practice-based publication and outline the criteria that qualify promising submissions. Complementing these presentations, two authors will report on their experiences of publishing in these different outlets. In a series of round tables workshop participants have the opportunity to discuss their experiences and receive feedback from (co)editors and experienced authors.

Pre-registration is required for this session.

Strategy-as-Practice Meets Routine Dynamics

When and where

  • Time: Saturday, Aug 5 2017 11:30AM – 2:00PM
  • Room: Hyatt Regency Atlanta in Greenbriar


Sarah Kaplan, U. of Toronto

Carlo Salvato, Bocconi U.

Richard Whittington, U. of Oxford


  • Torsten Schmid, U. of St. Gallen
  • Kathrin Sele, Aalto U. School of Business
  • Marvin Washington, U. of Alberta


  • Katharina Dittrich, U. of Zurich
  • Vern Glaser, U. of Alberta


This PDW offers participants an opportunity to explore connections and possibilities between current research in two areas: Strategy- as- Practice (SAP) and Routine Dynamics. Research in SAP and Routine Dynamics shares many similarities and intersects in multiple different ways. In this PDW, we focus on an area of overlap that has received little attention thus far: how the enactment of strategizing practices interweaves with the enactment of other organizational routines. In Part I of the PDW, three senior scholars will present a combination of empirical studies and theoretical reflections on this topic: Carlo Salvato will present an empirical study of The Campari Group that analyzes the relationship between middle manager-level and executive- level routines for mergers and acquisitions; Sarah Kaplan will reflect on the role of top management activities in changing routines at Citigroup; and Richard Whittington will provide broad-level theoretical reflections on the relationship between strategizing activities and enactment of routines.

In Part II of the PDW, we offer participants an opportunity to submit research proposals and receive feedback from presenters and discussants. In summary, this PDW provides a forum for scholars in SAP and Routine Dynamics to build community and discuss current research that sits at the intersection of strategizing activities and routines.

Part I is open to all attendees of the AoM. Scholars interested in participating in Part II are kindly requested to submit a 500-1000 word description of their project that engages strategy and routines from a theoretical and/or empirical perspective. Submissions should be sent to the organizers Katharina Dittrich ( or Vern Glaser ( by July 1st 2017. Participants will be notified of their successful participation in mid July.

Pre-registration is required for this session. Please contact the workshop organizer at to obtain the approval code. To register online, please visit The deadline to register online is August 5, 2017.


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