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image002.jpgThe idea that strategizing and organizing involves paradoxical tensions and contradictions has become a major theme in organization and management research. The burgeoning work on paradoxes has actively engaged in dialogues with the SAP Community. Likewise, many SAP scholars have embraced the notion of paradoxes to gain a better understanding of strategic and organizational phenomena.

Scholars interested in paradoxes can now visit a new website: This website is edited by Eric Knight (Editor in Chief, Founding Editor), Wendy Smith (Founding Editor), Costas Andriopoulos (Founding Editor), Jonathan Schad, Camille Pradies, Robert Wright, Josh Keller, Garima Sharma, Matthew Sheep, Ann Zhang, and Valerie Michaud. There, you find many resources related to paradox scholarship, including:

  • Blog posts, by leading scholars in the field and emerging voices reflecting on paradox and what is means in their research and every-day life

  • Announcements, including to Call for Papers and upcoming symposia

  • Q&A, for scholars and PhD students seeking more guidance on how to engage in paradox scholarship

  • Reference resources, in research, education and management, for scholars seeking to navigate the field

  • Newsletters, covering activity in the paradox community and the opportunity to sign up to regular newsletters

  • …and much more is a must for scholars interested in paradoxes. So, check it out!


About Matthias Wenzel

Professor of Organization Studies at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg.
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