Highlights of the SAP Program in Philadelphia

Anne Smith (Program Chair) and Jane Le (PD W Chair)

aom-theme-logo-2014SAP Distinguished Keynote Address: Kathleen Eisenhardt

Monday 9:45 to 11:15, Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel in Liberty Ballroom A: Each year, the interest group acknowledges the contributions of a distinguished scholar who has had a major influence on the strategizing activities and practices research domain. We are honored to have Kathleen Eisenhardt (Stanford) deliver the 2014 Distinguished Keynote address. Following the keynote, session panelists Sarah Kaplan and Ann Langley will reflect on how their work has been influenced by Dr. Eisenhardt’s body of research. For more on the Keynote address see our seperate blog post.

Best Paper Session: Rhetoric: The Power of Words in Strategizing Activities and Practices

Monday 8:00 – 9:30 AM Horizon’s Rooftop Ballroom SHR: This session not only ties directly to the conference theme – the Power of Words – but also features the SAP award- winning paper by Rebecca Bednarek, Sotirios Paroutis, and John Sillince ‘Practicing transcendence: Rhetorical strategies and constructing a response to paradox.’

SAP Showcase Symposium: Strategizing, Change and Identity Work

Monday 11:30 – 1:00 Logan’s 1 & 2 SHR: This SAP showcase symposium examines the linkage between “who we are” (identity) and the strategic actions and decisions of organizational members (strategizing). The symposium features three empirical papers by prominent SAP scholars. These papers will be discussed by Davide Ravasi.

Other Notable Paper Sessions:

  • Middle Managers and Strategic Activities (Monday 8:00-9:30AM Logan’s 1&2, SHR).
  • Strategy Tools: Back to back sessions on types, uses of tools (Monday 3:00-6:00, Salon 2 SHR)
  • Field Level Value Creation (Tuesday 8:00-9:30, Parlor D SHR)

PDW: Video Ethnography (Saturday 4:15 – 6:00pm, Freedom G SHR)

This PDW provides advice and hands-on practice for data collection and analysis using video ethnography. The PDW also explores opportunities to apply video ethnography as a method more widely to strategy and management research. You do not have to have any background working with this methodology. Featured speakers in this session are: Michael Jarrett, Feng Liu, Curtis LeBaron, Paul Spee, and Charlotte Cloutier with discussant Michael Pratt.

Social Events

Friday Night at the Philadelphia Museum! Cost is $52 which includes entry into museum and a two-course dinner. Begins at 6:00. Sign up online at https://secure.aom.org/PDWReg by July 20th.

SAP Social Monday 6:30 Horizons Rooftop Ballroom SHR. After a quick business meeting, the food will arrive and the socializing will begin! This is a free event and a chance to get to know other SAP scholars in an informal setting.. Please also make sure to check out the other PDWs and paper sessions at program.aomonline.org

This post is taken from the SAP Interest Group Newsletter. For the PDF versions of all newsletters see the Resources page.


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