Call for Papers: The Performativity of Strategy

Guest editors Laure Cabantous, Jean-Pascal Gond and Alex Wright invite submissions for a special issue in Long Range Planning on “The Performativity of Strategy”. Their guiding research question makes clear that they are looking at the issue from a practice perspective and reads as follows:

How and why are strategy theories and concepts used and “performed” in practice? What are the implications and impact of the performativity of strategy?

Pointing to Michel Callon’s concept of performativity, the call for papers is also open for “other conceptualizations of performativity – such as the conceptualization developed by the Communicative Constitution of Organization perspective, Barad’s post-humanist approach to performativity, or the concept of performative praxis”.

Deadline for submission of 1000-word long abstracts is 30 September 2014, deadline for submission of papers to the Special Issue is 15 March 2015. All abstracts will receive a first screening and feedback by the guest editors who will encourage authors of promising abstracts to submit full manuscripts to the Special Issue.

For questions and further inquiries contact the editors under For a more detailed call for papers see the blog post at socializing finance.



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