Job openings at the University of Liverpool: Lecturers and Senior Lecturers

The University of Liverpool Management School is hiring five lecturers or senior lecturers in strategy, international business, or entrepreneurship (read more here). Relating to the job requirements the job post specifies:

Candidates will possess a relevant PhD and have an emerging track record of top-level publications (Lecturer position) or an existing track record of top-level publications in the relevant fields over a number of years (Senior Lecturer position). Candidates will also be able to evidence future research plans demonstrating a capacity to sustain and extend the existing high level of output. In addition, the School seeks excellence in all aspects of the student experience and for individuals with a passion for innovative pedagogies and the capacity to create and deliver new and highly contemporary modules.

For more information, and to submit your application online, click here.

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SAP Summer Newsletter: Out Now

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-23 um 06.52.49The latest SAP IG newsletter is out. Anticipating this year’s AOM in Chicago, it provides a detailed overview of the Interest Group’s activities at the conference, among others. Specifically, the newsletter includes the following topics:

  • News from the leadership team
  • Overview of the SAP program at the AOM
  • SAP Social at the AOM
  • SAP Dinner at the AOM
  • Meet & Greet at the AOM
  • SAP program highlights at the aOM
  • SAP-sponsored program highlights at the AOM
  • SAP on social media
  • SAP around the globe: News from India
  • News from the IG’s members
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SAP IG Dinner: Get One of the Last Spots!

A letter from Sotirios Paroutis, Chair-Elect of the SAP Interest Group

2018 ThemeDear SAP IG friends,

As you probably already know, we organize an annual IG dinner on Friday evening at AoM. This year, it will be held at Morton’s Wacker Place, one of the ‘classic’ steakhouses in Chicago within walking distance from Swisshotel:

SAP: SAP Dinner
Friday, August 10, 2018
07:00-11:00 PM
Morton’s – 65 East Wacker Place

We would love to see as many of you as possible at the dinner and we are conscious that it’s filling up quickly. The deadline to register is 25 July so please do so as soon as possible. You can use the following link, under the dinner & social events tab (second page):
The cost of the dinner is $60 (but thanks to our SAP sponsors you will be provided with the $85 three plate dinner menu). It’s a great evening each year and we would love to see you there.

Sotirios Paroutis.

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SAP Community Day at EGOS 2018 in Tallinn: A Synthesis

0x9C8DFC68ED943276F44C4B1BD3BC2A2CThe SAP Community Day is an EGOS pre-colloquium PDW that takes place on a yearly basis. Its aim is to bring together scholars interested in the process and practice of strategy-making to stake out the state of the field, meet old and new friends, and receive inspiration for future research projects.

IMG_0938At this year’s EGOS 2018, the SAP Community Day had its fourth anniversary. In the spirit of the aim of this workshop, this year’s topic was: “Inspiring and Expanding Strategy-as-Practice Research”. Thus, the co-organizers Philip Gylfe, Georg Reischauer, Tania Weinfurtner, and Matthias Wenzel developed a forward-oriented program that aimed to bring in fresh inspiration for the field’s years to come.  Continue reading

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AOM PDW: Strategy-as-Practice meets Entrepreneurship

SAP-new-logo2The SAP Interest Group has a strong history of sponsoring attractive Professional Development Workshop (PDWs) at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting. At this year’s AOM in Chicago, Anna Jenkins, Paul Spee, and Neil Thompson will offer a PDW on “Strategy-as-Practice meets Entrepreneurship”. This PDW aims to explore the relationships between these two fields in order to develop a joint research agenda. The workshop includes three parts:

(1) presentations from Professors Dimo Dimov, Paula Jarzabkowski Richard Whittington and Eero Vaara as keynote speakers. The speakers will discuss why the two perspectives are compatible and will explain how scholars can benefit from connecting them in their research;

(2) seven thematic round tables, each with two well- known scholars to represent SAP and entrepreneurship will animate the discussion around the theme and will help participants develop ideas for future research; and

(3) a concluding discussion where participants and panelists will share the most promising avenues for bridging these two perspectives.

The roundtables will be facilitated by Ethel Brundin, William Gartner, Susi Geiger, Jane Kirsten Lê, Mattias Nordqvist, Sara Elias, and Bruce Teague.

Part One is open; part Two requires pre-registration through AOM’s PDW registration system. As space is limited, potential participants are advised to register as soon as possible.

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AOM PDW on “Rhythms of Academic Life”: Register Now!

2018 ThemeAs part of the SAP Early Career Program, Katharina Dittrich, David Oliver, and Robert Wright are offering a PDW on “Rhythms of Academic Life – Insights and Advice for Academic Scholars at All Career Stages” at this year’s AOM in Chicago. This PDW builds on the legacy of Frost and Taylor’s (1996) edited collection, which focused on scholars’ experiences with the changing world of academia. Given that academia keeps evolving, a forthcoming special issue in the Academy of Management Learning and Education will revisit this topic. In this spirit, the PDW aims to provide career advice to both early-career and more established scholars on how to manage their contemporary academic lives.

The PDW consists of two parts:

Part One includes an open panel discussion from leading scholars on the broad topic of Career Rhythms and the similarities and differences of academic life since the 1996 volume. The panel will include some of the original contributors of the 1996 volume of “Rhythms of Academic Life”; Guest Editors of the forthcoming AMLE Special Issue; potential contributors to the Special Issue; along with established scholars from the SAP field. In essence, the panel will address how rhythms of academic life have changed, emerging trends for the future, and provide advice to scholars at different stages of their career, i.e., early career scholars (PhDs and post-docs), mid-career scholars and late-career scholars.

Part Two is designed to go into further detail in a more intimate and engaging manner so that every participant will have the opportunity to discuss first-hand, with senior scholars in regards to key issues and challenges, success stories and lessons learned in being an academic in today’s highly competitive academic landscapes. Participants and facilitators will have the opportunity to interact in three roundtables rotations of 30mins each. Please come prepared for some fun, highly dynamic and interactive discussions.

Participation in Part One will be open; in turn, participation in Part Two requires pre-registration through AOM’s PDW registration system.

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Job Openings at the University of Queensland Business School

Bildschirmfoto 2017-06-30 um 13.15.59The University of Queensland Business School is recruiting several positions in the areas of strategy of entrepreneurship (read more). These positions span several academic levels, ranging from lecturer and senior lecturer to associate professor.

In keeping with the Business School’s profile as one of the leading institutions in the field of strategy as practice, the job post particularly invites applications from scholars with a focus on contributions to this field. Promising candidates are expected to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Motivation to lead an engaging education experience for our students and executive education clients;
  • Record of published research in leading journals; and
  • Desire to engage with industry and contribute to the community within UQ Business School.

More information on the remuneration scheme, UQ Business School’s efforts to promote and do justice to diversity and inclusion, and others can be found here.

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SAP Doctoral & Early Career Program @ AOM 2018: Apply Now!

Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-15 um 13.00.56.pngThe SAP Doctoral & Early Career Program, vol. 3: Since 2016, the SAP Interest Group has yearly sponsored a one-day early career program that is tailored to the wants and needs of the SAP Community.

In this vein, the next SAP Doctoral & Early Career Program, taking place on Friday, August 10th, at AOM 2018 in Chicago will be specifically designed for individuals seeking to deepen and enhance their SAP- related knowledge and skills. Specifically, the program will contain three carefully selected Professional Development Workshops, a Q&A session with Paula Jarzabkowski, a seat at the official SAP Community Dinner that night, and plenty of opportunities for new scholars to network and become acquainted with the larger SAP Community.

Space is limited to 20 participants. More information on the application procedure can be found here.

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SAP Spring Newsletter: Out Now

Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-01 um 11.48.35The latest newsletter of the SAP Interest Group offers an informative overview of current events, Calls for Papers, and organizational issues in the field. Specifically, the newsletter comprises the following topics:

  • An up-to-date overview of the executive leadership’s efforts to move the Interest Group to Division status
  • Available choices for upcoming elections
  • Sessions, activities, and the distinguished keynote at AOM 2018 in Chicago
  • Professional Development Workshops and sessions at EGOS 2018 in Tallinn
  • Activities of the Strategy Practice IG of the Strategic Management Society at SMS 2018 in Paris
  • A Call for Papers on “Entrepreneurship as Practice”
  • A newly introduced section on “SAP around the Globe”
  • An introduction to emerging SAP scholars
  • A call for contributions to the SAP IG Facebook site.

Taken together, the newsletter foreshadows an exciting remainder of the academic year, with plenty of activities performed by our thriving community.

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SAP Community Day at EGOS 2018: The Deadline (30 Apr) is Approaching

0x9C8DFC68ED943276F44C4B1BD3BC2A2CLetter from the organizers of the SAP Community Day at EGOS 2018 in Tallinn


Dear SAP Friends,

We hope you enjoyed any of the SAP Community Days at EGOS Colloquiums in previous years. We are again planning a full-day pre-conference SAP event for this year’s EGOS Colloquium in Tallinn – and registrations are now open.

We would be happy, if you joined us for this year’s exciting SAP Community Day on Wednesday, July 4th, 2018. In keeping with the overall Community Day topic “Inspiring and Expanding Strategy-as-Practice Research”, this year’s Research Community Platform features two related parts: The morning is dedicated to sparking and developing new ideas based on a keynote speech by Paul Adler and interactive roundtable sessions that allow scholars to pitch their nascent ideas to international experts in the area of SAP research. In the afternoon, we will explore how the SAP Community can be expanded by building on recent achievements such as the SMJ Special Issue on Strategy Process and Practice, providing “behind the scenes” into the review process of recently published SAP-related papers and discussing “the future of SAP research” with renowned panelists. For both parts, we were able to win leading scholars in each of the respective research areas, so make sure not to miss this workshop. Given that many SAP scholars will be spread across different sub-themes for the main conference, this pre-colloquium workshop will allow you to renew and maintain your SAP relationships while discussing issues of concern to the SAP Community.

Applications to participate can be submitted via the EGOS website until April 30, 2018. For more information, including the full Call for Participation, click here:

We look forward to seeing many of you in Tallinn!

Kind regards,
Georg, Matthias, Philip & Tania

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