AOM 2018: Sign up as Reviewer for the SAP Interest Group!

Letter from Rajiv Nag, SAP IG Program Chair 2018

Dear Colleague,

Heartiest greetings for the New Year. I hope that you and your dear ones have a peaceful, productive, and prosperous 2018.

This is a “special” year for the the Strategizing Activities and Practices Interest group, as we move towards a possible division status. Therefore the forthcoming AOM conference in Chicago is a crucial juncture for all of us as a community.

I am reaching out to you because you had most graciously signed-up and helped out with the paper and symposia review process for the AOM meeting held in Atlanta 2017. Last year we had a total of 132 individual scholars who had signed up as reviewers. The number of reviewers signed up for 2018 stands at 66 presently. I am therefore requesting you to consider helping out our interest group once again (if you haven’t already signed up).

Your renewed participation will be of critical importance to our collective efforts towards a much needed and long overdue divisionship. I am hoping that with your help we can not only meet last year’s attainment of 132 reviewers but perhaps exceed it for this year given a strong possibility that we will attract even more paper and symposia submissions for 2018.

Do rest assured that it will be my solemn commitment to ensure that I do not overload any reviewer with excessive review requests -given that we already have a lot of other tasks to pursue. That said, the more reviewers we have, the more we can share the workload.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions/suggestions. Please go to the  link and click the “Sign In” button.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Best Wishes,
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SAP Best Paper of 2015 now published in Strategic Management Journal

Rebecca Bednarek

Paula Jarzabkowski

In 2015, Paula Jarzabkowski (Cass Business School) and Rebecca Bednarek (Birkbeck, University of London), received SAP’s Best Paper Award for their paper “Toward a Social Practice Theory of Relational Competing“.

Recently, their excellent paper has been accepted for publication in the prestigious Strategic Management Journal and is already available online. The research summary reads as follows:

This article brings together the competitive dynamics and strategy-as-practice literatures to investigate relational competition. Drawing on a global ethnography of the reinsurance market, we develop the concept of micro-competitions, which are the focus of competitors’ everyday competitive practices. We find variation in relational or rivalrous competition by individual competitors across the phases of a micro-competition, between competitors within a micro-competition, and across multiple micro-competitions. These variations arise from the interplay between the unfolding competitive arena and the implementation of each firm’s strategic portfolio. We develop a conceptual framework that makes four contributions to: relational competition; reconceptualizing action and response; elaborating on the awareness-motivation-capability framework within competitive dynamics; and the recursive dynamic by which implementing strategy inside firms shapes, and is shaped by, the competitive arena.

Check it out!

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SAP-Related Sub-Themes at #EGOS2018: An Overview

0x9C8DFC68ED943276F44C4B1BD3BC2A2CEGOS 2018 in Tallinn is special in many regards. One of the ways in which this colloquium is (somewhat) special relates to the portfolio of sub-themes: for the first time in several years, there won’t be a sub-theme that explicitly relates to practice-based strategy research. However, this does not mean that the portfolio of sub-themes does not invite SAP-related research – quite the contrary. Here, we provide a short overview of sub-themes that display interest in SAP research. Continue reading

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1-2 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer Positions in Strategy @ University of Sydney Business School

UofS.pngThe University of Sydney Business School is hiring 1-2 scholars as lecturer/senior lecturer in strategy. The corresponding announcement describes the position(s) as follows:

  • Opportunity to research and teach in Strategy and related fields of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and, work in a collaborative and supportive environment

  • An additional salary supplement may be negotiated with the successful applicants and start up research funds and ongoing research support will be available

  • Full-time, continuing: $121K – $170K p.a. which includes salary, leave loading and up to 17% super

The deadline for submitting applications is 20 Jan, 2018, at 11.30pm. Read more about this job opportunity here.

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New CfPs Related to SAP Out

sap-plainRecently, a number of of Calls for Papers (CfPs) have been published, which resonate with the work by scholars interested in the practice of strategy-making. Some of these CfPs include (ordered by deadline):

  1. “Entrepreneurship as Practice” (conference + special issue in the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior and Research)
  2. “The Competitive Advantage of Regions: Economic Geography and Strategic Management Intersections” (special issue in Regional Studies)
  3. “Responsible Research in Management” (special issue in the Irish Journal of Management)

Here, we provide a brief overview of these CfPs.

Continue reading

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Results of the Strategizing Activities and Practices Membership Survey 2017

Paul Spee, Chair of the Strategizing, Activities & Practices Interest Group  at the Academy of Management

The Strategizing Activities and Practices membership survey has now closed. Thank you to all 206 members who participated in the membership survey for the SAP interest group. I am thrilled about your 31% response rate!

Let me share some high level data reflecting how you and fellow members perceive SAP.

  • A strong majority (80%) of members are in favor of becoming a Division, exceeding the AoM threshold.
  • Close to 90% of members feel “satisfied”, “very satisfied”, or “extremely satisfied” with their SAP membership.
  • Members are pleased with the features of the annual program, in particular the Professional Development Workshops. Your level of satisfaction ranged between 77% and 83% for each session.

Continue reading

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FINAL Reminder! Please support Strategizing, Activities & Practices through your participation in the membership survey

Only 6 days remain to participate in the recent membership survey for Strategizing, Activities & Practices!

We need YOUR support! Our application for division status in the Academy of Management depends on at least 15% of our members participating in the survey. Currently, we ARE CLOSE but seek further support to ensure we exceed the threshold of participation.

Please check your inbox or junk mail as the link to the survey was emailed to you directly from AoM.

Thank you to all members who already participated in the survey. We will communicate a brief overview of the results in late January 2018.

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