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image002.jpgThe idea that strategizing and organizing involves paradoxical tensions and contradictions has become a major theme in organization and management research. The burgeoning work on paradoxes has actively engaged in dialogues with the SAP Community. Likewise, many SAP scholars have embraced the notion of paradoxes to gain a better understanding of strategic and organizational phenomena.

Scholars interested in paradoxes can now visit a new website: This website is edited by Eric Knight (Editor in Chief, Founding Editor), Wendy Smith (Founding Editor), Costas Andriopoulos (Founding Editor), Jonathan Schad, Camille Pradies, Robert Wright, Josh Keller, Garima Sharma, Matthew Sheep, Ann Zhang, and Valerie Michaud. There, you find many resources related to paradox scholarship, including:

  • Blog posts, by leading scholars in the field and emerging voices reflecting on paradox and what is means in their research and every-day life

  • Announcements, including to Call for Papers and upcoming symposia

  • Q&A, for scholars and PhD students seeking more guidance on how to engage in paradox scholarship

  • Reference resources, in research, education and management, for scholars seeking to navigate the field

  • Newsletters, covering activity in the paradox community and the opportunity to sign up to regular newsletters

  • …and much more is a must for scholars interested in paradoxes. So, check it out!

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SAP Summer Newsletter: Get Ready for AOM in Atlanta!


Bildschirmfoto 2017-07-17 um 16.23.06The AOM Annual Meeting in Atlanta is rapidly approaching. Just in time, the Publishing Team of the SAP Interest Group has gathered an informative newsletter that navigates scholars interested in strategizing, activities, and practices through the upcoming meeting. Among others, it includes information on

  • The SAP Friday Dinner: Register as soon as possible!
  • The SAP Business & Social Meeting: Monday, August 7, from 6.30 pm
  • Meet & Greet SAP: Each morning in the café at 200 Peachtree
  • An overview of the SAP program: Click here for an extended overview
  • Several PDWs: on “Advice for Managing International Careers”, “SAP Meets Routine Dynamics”, and “Publishing Strategy-as-Practice Research in Top Journals”
  • Election results: Welcome Virpi Sorsa, David Oliver, and Violetta Splitter, to the SAP Executive Team!
  • An SAP Workshop on October 9 at Cass Business School: Registration until August 27!

See you soon in Atlanta!

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SAP Dinner @ AOM in Atlanta: Join In!

For at least seven years, scholars interested in Strategizing, Activities, and Practices have met for dinner on Friday night of the AOM Meeting. It is a great opportunity to get to know members of this vibrant community in an informal setting. This tradition of a Friday dinner is continued in Atlanta, and you are cordially invited to join in!

image005.jpgThe dinner will take place on Friday, August 4, 2017 from 6:00PM-9:00PM. This year we settled on Ray’s in the City, one of Atlanta’s landmarks with over 30 years of world-class dining and events experience. Ray’s in the City is located right next to the conference locations, so you can easily stroll down after a full day of PDWs and unwind from the day in a relaxing atmosphere with old friends and new colleagues. This event is open to SAP veterans, newcomers, partners, and doctoral students alike. There will be a choice of meat, seafood and vegetarian options available.

If you would like to be part of this event, please send an email to Paul Spee ( to get access to the approval code. You can register here. The deadline to register online is July 20, 2017 and the cost for the event is US$60.

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International Careers, Publishing, and Routine Dynamics: Some SAP PDWs @AOM

As every year, members of the SAP Interest Group will offer interesting PDWs at the AOM in Atlanta. Some of these PDWs include:

  • “Advice for Managing International Careers”, organized by Rebecca Bednarek, Katharina Dittrich, and Carola Wolf
  • “Publishing Strategy-as-Practice Research in Top Journals”, organized by Paul Spee and Shenghui Ma
  • “Strategy-as-Practice Meets Routine Dynamics”, organized by Katharina Dittrich and Vern Glaser

This post provides a short overview of these PDWs. You can register for these and other PDWs here. Continue reading

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Doctoral and Early Career Program @ AOM in Atlanta

As always, the SAP Community will offer a number of development opportunities to junior scholars at the AOM Annual Meeting in Atlanta. Last year, the program has gained further strength thanks to the Doctoral and Early Career Program. This one-day workshop will be offered in Atlanta again (download the full program here).

Christina Wawarta and Krista Pettit have developed a one-day program for doctoral and early-career  scholars who are interested in deepening their SAP-related skills and extending their network in the SAP Community. This program includes three Professional Development Workshops (method, content, career), individual mentoring and networking sessions with experienced scholars of the SAP Community, and a sponsored dinner with SAP scholars.

The Doctoral and Early Career Program will take place on 4 Aug, 2017. Space is limited; therefore, scholars who are interested in participating should apply as soon as possible. Details on the application process on more can be found here.

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Easter Greetings: The SAP Spring Newsletter is Out

Just in time for the Easter season, the SAP fall newsletter is out (download PDF). The publishing team has gathered an informative compendium of SAP-related topics, including:

SAP@AOM in Atlanta: An overview

  • Stats on the submission process
  • PDWs
  • Doctoral and early career program
  • Paper sessions
  • Our distinguished keynote speaker

Invitation for elections

  • Membership Secretary
  • Secretary
  • PDW Chair

News from the Steering Committee

  • The IG’s ambitions to achieve the division status
  • Responses to President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration and refugees

SAP in related communities

  • Open strategy initiatives
  • A new website for the paradox community
  • News from the Strategy Group @ Hanken

Publication announcements and CfPs

  • Handbook of Strategy Process Research From a Middle Management Perspective
  • CfP: 16th IEF
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Strategy-as-Practice Community Day EGOS 2017: Different Approaches of Researching SAP and Large Social Phenomena

EGOSIn line with previous initiatives, there will be a Strategy-as-Practice Community Day at this year’s EGOS in Copenhagen as part of the colloquium’s PDW program. The PDW will take place on July 5th 2017 from 9.30 AM to 5 PM and is convened by Katharina Dittrich, Shenghui Ma, Violetta Splitter, and Tania Weinfurtner. Interested scholars can register for the Community Day until April 3rd on the EGOS website.


In addition to the great opportunity to get in touch with the strategy-as-practice community, the PDW offers an exciting program. Part I of the PDW focuses on discussing important theoretical in strategy-as-practice research; Part II addresses ways of studying large social phenomena from the perspective of different EGOS communities. A more extended description of the program can be found here.

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