The SAP Listserv is Moving to Connect@AOM

AOMLogowithconnect.pngOn April 22, the SAP Listserv is moving to Connect@AOM. This transition is part of AOM’s digital strategy, which aims to renew and bundle the communication technologies in use.

What is Connect@AOM?

Connect@AOM is a communication platform that aims to engage management scholars in ongoing discussions and build stronger networks among them. The platform includes social-media technologies like following others, discussion boards, etc., in order to facilitate communicative interactions even outside of the scope of the annual meetings and special conferences. However, the platform also features familiar communication technologies with enhanced functionalities.

From The Listserv to Conversations

Just like all other divisions or interest groups, the SAP IG will have a separate online community (called “Community”). The SAP IG’s community will also include a so-called “discussion board”, called “Conversations”. Conversations is a place for communicative interactions that is organized around threads. Similar to the Listserv, Conversations allows users to push out notifications, pose questions, seek for help, etc.; but it also allows others to respond and interact.
The discussion board will replace the SAP Listserv. Yet, the Listserv history will be fully migrated, allowing users to browse older Listserv conversations on Connect@AOM.


All members of the SAP IG will have immediate, full, and automatic access to the IG’s online community at Connect@AOM and all of its functionalities. Please make sure that your membership details in your AOM account are up-to-date.
All non-members of the SAP IG will not automatically be subscribed to the IG’s online community at Connect@AOM. Thus, to stay connected with the SAP IG, non-members will have to manually sign in the following way:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Communities”
  3. Search for “Strategizing, Activities & Practices (SAP)”
  4. Click on the “Join” button

Notification Settings

One advantage of Connect@AOM over current technologies in use is the more fine-grained management of notification settings. This allows users to adjust the frequency and form of notifications to their individual preferences: Real time (immediate email after each post), daily digest, weekly digest, no email notifications.
To configure the notification options,

  1. Go to and click on your profile picture
  2. Click on “My Account” and select “Community Notifications”
  3. Scroll down and select your notification preferences from the drop-down menu.

For further inquiries, please contact Matthias Wenzel (


About Matthias Wenzel

Professor of Organization Studies at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg.
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