AOM PDW: Strategy-as-Practice meets Entrepreneurship

SAP-new-logo2The SAP Interest Group has a strong history of sponsoring attractive Professional Development Workshop (PDWs) at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting. At this year’s AOM in Chicago, Anna Jenkins, Paul Spee, and Neil Thompson will offer a PDW on “Strategy-as-Practice meets Entrepreneurship”. This PDW aims to explore the relationships between these two fields in order to develop a joint research agenda. The workshop includes three parts:

(1) presentations from Professors Dimo Dimov, Paula Jarzabkowski Richard Whittington and Eero Vaara as keynote speakers. The speakers will discuss why the two perspectives are compatible and will explain how scholars can benefit from connecting them in their research;

(2) seven thematic round tables, each with two well- known scholars to represent SAP and entrepreneurship will animate the discussion around the theme and will help participants develop ideas for future research; and

(3) a concluding discussion where participants and panelists will share the most promising avenues for bridging these two perspectives.

The roundtables will be facilitated by Ethel Brundin, William Gartner, Susi Geiger, Jane Kirsten Lê, Mattias Nordqvist, Sara Elias, and Bruce Teague.

Part One is open; part Two requires pre-registration through AOM’s PDW registration system. As space is limited, potential participants are advised to register as soon as possible.


About Matthias Wenzel

Professor of Organization Studies at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg.
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