Executive Summary of the SAP Membership Survey 2017

Paul Spee, Chair of the SAP IG

We are excited to share some metrics and feedback obtained during our most recent membership survey. We are very grateful for all those who were part of the 206 members (or 32% of the SAP IG membership) who participated in the survey.

Below, you will find an executive summary of the survey results. Aggregated responses on each question are available on the Strategizing, Activities & Practices Interest Group’s (PDF).

Executive Summary of Membership Survey 2017

Division Metrics

  • At the membership census of the Academy, SAP had 724 members, with the majority being international members (465).
  • SAP has generated membership growth in times in both U.S. members (29%, 5-year % average) and international members (24%, 5-year % average), when AOM has seen a net loss of members (US: -0.7%; International: 10.1%).
  • Satisfaction with services and SAP Interest Group.
  • SAP attracts and represents a community comprised of relatively young scholars in terms of both AOM membership tenure (0-3 years: 60%) and age (30-39 years: 29%; 40-49: 32%).

Community, identification and involvement in the SAP Interest Group

  • SAP members have a strong affiliation with SAP, with the majority strongly valuing and engaging with the annual meeting.
  • Members value the strong sense of community within the Interest Group.
  • The Interest Group’s efforts to engage with and include such a diverse membership have been recognized by its receipt of the Diversity & Inclusion Award in 2016.
  • Members perceive high levels of satisfaction with the awards and recognition, which is consistent with the transparent and democratic governing and leadership processes.

Academy Meeting and SAP program

  • SAP has seen an increase of submissions across its scholarly program over the period 2013 to 2017 (3% 5-year average). As a testament to the high quality, SAP acceptance rates are lower than AOM average.
  • Members display very high levels of satisfaction with the overall access to participation on the program. Within the program, members particularly value Professional Development Workshops with over 30% being extremely satisfied. Close to 30% of members are extremely satisfied with symposia and plenaries.
  • SAP has been particularly active in creating a very stimulating and supportive environment for Phd students and Early-Career Researchers. The SAP Doctoral & Early Career Program (ECP) forms an important part of the Interest Group’s community building and inclusion efforts.




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