Results of the Strategizing Activities and Practices Membership Survey 2017

Paul Spee, Chair of the Strategizing, Activities & Practices Interest Group  at the Academy of Management

The Strategizing Activities and Practices membership survey has now closed. Thank you to all 206 members who participated in the membership survey for the SAP interest group. I am thrilled about your 31% response rate!

Let me share some high level data reflecting how you and fellow members perceive SAP.

  • A strong majority (80%) of members are in favor of becoming a Division, exceeding the AoM threshold.
  • Close to 90% of members feel “satisfied”, “very satisfied”, or “extremely satisfied” with their SAP membership.
  • Members are pleased with the features of the annual program, in particular the Professional Development Workshops. Your level of satisfaction ranged between 77% and 83% for each session.

I am extremely pleased yet not surprised about such positive results, as these responses reflect the dynamism and vibe of our community. The positive sentiment stems from the hard work of the current and previous executive teams and membership committees. The hard work and tireless efforts contributed to fostering a vibrant community.

What are the next steps? In accordance with the AOM guidelines, the wider SAP executive team is preparing the 5-year report which includes a dedicated section to further substantiate SAP as a legitimate Division. Despite your strong support for Division status, this change must also be approved by a vote of the AoM Governors in a board meeting held mid-2018.

A more thorough update and overview will be provided after completing an in-depth analysis of members’ responses.


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