Check out the SAP Program for the AoM Annual Meeting 2016 in Anaheim

Cover-SAP-AoM-Program2016We proudly present the full program of the Strategizing Activities and Practices Interest Group at the 2016 Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Anaheim.

Starting with several Professional Development Workshops on Friday and Saturday, which are part of first ever Doctoral & Early Career Program, the program lists all SAP sessions of this year’s AoM Annual Meeting. Furthermore, the program also features SAP social events such as the “Informal Meet & Greet breakfast discussing ‘Methodological insights'” on Sunday and, of course, this year’s SAP Keynote speech by Jean M. Bartunek (Boston College) about “The US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau” on Monday at 9:45 AM.

Check out the SAP AoM program as a PDF.


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