SAP PDW: A Practice-Based Perspective on Paradox: Study Strategic Tensions

Organizers: Eric Knight, University of Sydney, Rebecca Bednarek, Birkbeck University, Jane Lê, University of Sydney

Time: 10.15am-12.15pm

Date: Saturday, August 6, 2016 (Academy of Management Annual Meeting)

Location: Anaheim Hilton, Pacific B (2nd floor)

You are invited to join a SAP Professional Development Workshop (PDW) to be held at the AoM Annual Meeting in August 2016 to help advance scholarship at the intersection of strategy, practice, and paradox, a topic area of interest to both paradox and strategy-as-practice scholars. We bring together leading scholars in this area of research, as well as a number of emerging scholars. Thematically, this PDW responds to the recent emergence of paradox theory within organizational studies (including, recent special issues, standing working group at EGOS, and a forthcoming Oxford University Press Handbook). In particular, there have been a growing number of scholars adopting a social practice theory lens to explore strategic tensions and calls for more work in this space. Part 1 of this PDW will consist of a Panel Discussion offering different perspectives on paradox and practice from leading scholars in the field, followed by a brief Q&A. This will be done in an interactive fashion consisting of panel debate around two key questions. Part 2 will involve roundtables designed around key themes at the intersection of strategy-as-practice and paradox scholarship. This will offer participants the chance to select a theme that is salient to their own research and work with senior scholars with experience in that area.

Topic Speaker Time
Welcome and brief overview Rebecca Bednarek, Birkbeck, University of London 10 min
PART I: Keynote Speakers: Observations and Panel Discussion
Current state of affairs in paradox theory Wendy Smith, Associate Professor at Delaware University 5 min
Current state of affairs in practice theory Eero Vaara, Professor at Aalto University School of Business 5 min
Relevance of paradox in org studies Andrew Van de Ven, Professor at Carlson School of Management 5 min
Cross-over between paradox and practice Ann Langley, Professor at HEC Montréal 5 min
Q&A and discussion Eric Knight, University  of Sydney 30 min
PART II: Breakout Roundtables
Introduction Eric Knight, University of Sydney 10 min
Table 1: Paradox and discursive practices Eero Vaara, Aalto University School of Business

Rebecca Bednarek, Birkbeck University

45 min
Table 2: Paradox and identity Mathew Sheep, Illinois State University

David Oliver, University of Sydney

45 min
Table 3: Paradox and leadership practices Wendy Smith, Delaware University

Alexander Zimmermann, University of St.

45 min
Table 4: Paradox and process Ann Langley, HEC Montréal

Callen Anthony, Boston College

45 min
Table 5: Innovation/change and paradox Andrew Van de Ven, Carlson School of Management

Eric Knight, University  of Sydney

45 min
Table 6: Temporality/sustainability and paradox Natalie Slawinski, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Garima Sharma, Ivey Business School, Western University

45 min
Wrapping up conclusion Rebecca Bednarek, Birkbeck, University of London 5 min
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