New Round (3) of Emerging SAP Scholars

This post showcases the latest ideas from SAP doctoral students just finishing their PhDs. Watch out for these students in the coming conference season!

Riku Österman

Riku Österman

The organizing of strategic change: 
Riku Österman is a PhD Candidate in the Institute of Strategy and Venturing (Department of Industrial Engineering and Management) in Aalto University. He is supervised by Professor Markku Maula. His research centers on strategy as a both a process and a set of practices, shaped and enacted by the entrepreneurial strategists on the one hand and mobilized process participants on the other hand. For his PhD research, he has studied large-scale change initiatives in six large European companies, with the focus on the key change management practices used in the initiatives. His conceptual paper was the SAP nominee for William H. Newman award in the AOM conference in Orlando 2013. Besides his research, Riku is involved in management consulting in the areas of scenario planning and market intelligence. Riku will finish his PhD in the winter 2014-2015.


Emmanuelle Reuter

Exploring Cognitive Processes of Strategic Adaptation: Emmanuelle Reuter is a PhD candidate in management and Research Associate at the Institute of Management, University of St Gallen (Switzerland). Her main research interests surround cognitive enablers of and constraints to adaption in changing environments. She studies mechanisms on multiple levels of analysis: On the micro-level, she focuses on how executives’ interpretations of the environment are consequential for their firms’ strategic renewal and business model adaptation. On the macro-level, she investigates ideological barriers to adaptation in changing institutional environments and how these can be overcome. Her empirical projects are based in the Swiss private banking industry which she studies by means of qualitative and quantitative research methods. One of her dissertation papers won the Best Conference Proposal in the Strategy Process Interest Group and she won three Outstanding Reviewer awards in the MOC division at the Academy of Management. She currently acts as Representative-at-Large for the Strategy Practice Interest Group at the Strategic Management Society.

Mauricio Umana

Mauricio Umana

Strategic CSR programs in Multinational Corporations: Mauricio Umana earned his Ph.D. in Business Competitiveness and Economic Development with the prestigious declaration of Cum Laude in the University of Deusto in Spain in the summer of 2014. His research focuses on how firms develop strategies creating shared value and reflecting a contribution to the triple bottom line. He has presented his at the EESD conference at the University of Cambridge, UK, at the IAJBS (International Assembly for Jesuit Business Schools) in Barcelona, Spain and he has been invited as a speaker in Responsible Management Education in Chur, Switzerland. Mauricio has worked as a Professor of Strategic Management and Consulting and Professor of Strategy and Competitiveness in the Jesuit Business School, UCA in El Salvador. He is currently the CSR Specialist for USAID in a Country Project in El Salvador researching American Companies with more than 1000 employees. In El Salvador he has won prestigious scholarships from Washington D.C., and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation.


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