EGOS CfP: Strategy-as-Practice: Cognition, Emotions & Strategizing

Julia Balogun, Jane Lê and Feng Liu call for submissions to their EGOS sub-theme 61 on “Strategy-as-Practice: Cognition, Emotions & Strategizing”:EGOS2015-Athens

Strategy-as-practice researchers view strategy as a social activity; in other words, as something that members of an organization actually do. As such, the focus of research in this area has been on the micro-activities and interactions of actors in and around the organization, both in terms of what actors do in practice and how they accomplish it. Due to this explicit focus on activity, SAP scholars have dedicated significant effort to understanding strategic behaviour. This has yielded extremely valuable insights. However, it has also partially overshadowed other important types of practices, including cognition and emotion.

For more information and to upload short papers, see the call at the EGOS website.


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