Interview with Davide Ravasi about Academic Writing at ProjectScrib

ProjectScrib features a nice and long interview with Cass Business School Professor Davide Ravasi about how he writes academic papers:

Would you say then that you are actually theorizing, collecting data and writing all at the same time?

Absolutely. Even with studies that I join, I need to go through a period of full immersion in the data.  I’ll take two or three days where I read all the interviews, all the archival material, taking notes the whole time.  I don’t use data analysis software like Atlas Ti or NVivo.  I just use pen, paper, and coloured highlighters. That’s my technology, my coding technology.  And I have layers and layers of coding on the same sheet, reflecting all my thoughts at different points in time

It is really an interesting read, check it out. Thanks to Guillaume Carton for pointing us at the interview via Twitter.


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