Teaching Strategy-as-practice

Stéphane Guerard (University of Zurich) and Jane Lê (University of Sydney)

Stéphane Guerard

Stéphane Guerard

One basic mission of the strategy-as-practice (S-as-P) community is the production of knowledge relevant for practitioners. While a significant amount of such knowledge has been generated, we think that more effort needs to be devoted to teaching it.

Two years ago, we surveyed the approx. 500 people registered to the S-as-P website. While several expressed interest in teaching the practice of strategy, few people were actually teaching it. Since then, several initiatives have emerged (e.g., the textbook Practicing Strategy (2013) written by Paroutis, Heracleous and Angwin and the online series of short lectures on S-as-P). These efforts suggest that the strategy-as-practice community is taking a significant step toward reaching a larger audience. However, more needs to be done.

Jane Lê

Jane Lê

The S-as-P website now has a section called teaching material. We envision that this will become an important community resource. Thus, in order to expand this repository, we ask you to please send us any material that you use or would use to teach S-as-P (e.g. case studies, syllabus).

We encourage you to integrate this knowledge developed by our community into your teaching.


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