Congratulations – and thank you!

The SAP IG attracted 87 paper submissions and 12 symposium submissions for the 2012 Academy, all requiring reviewing. The SAP community prides itself on the constructive nature of its reviews – it’s good for authors and great for the IG as a whole. So let’s give a big thank you to all our reviewers and a special one for Viviane Sergi (HEC Montreal), SAP Best Reviewer 2012. Look out for the opportunity to sign up to review for 2013. Reviewing is good for you too!

Congratulations too for the following winners of the various best paper categories.

  • The SAP best doctoral student paper: Felix Werle (doctoral student) and David Nils Seidl, University of Zurich, ‘Inter-organizational strategizing as extension of sensemaking.’
  • The SAP best Practice-orientated paper: Helene Loe Colman, Katja Hydle and Randi Lunnan (BI Norwegian Business School), ‘Who we are and what we do: Strategizing and identity work in post-acquisition integration’.
  • The SAP best paper overall: A. Paul Spee (University of Sydney), Paula Jarzabkowski (Cornell University) and Michael Smets (Aston Business School), ‘Keeping it real: Bringing sociomateriality into Strategy-as-Practice’.

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